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Remember Shakti @ Chicago Theater

I don’t know enough about Shakti to give you the lowdown on how long they’ve been around, or list out their discography. But I do know that they rule. They’re a straight up classical Indian music group with a REALLY slight western twist. They feature John McLaughlin, the fusion guitarist from the 70’s on guitar playing a guitar he created to emulate the resonating sound of the sitar. The rest of the band features very pronounced names in classical Indian music, like Zakir Hussain on tabla and Shankar on violin.

Even if you’re not huge into Indian classical music, you’ll have a great time at this show. The music that these artists create is absolutely amazing. Here’s the info:

Remember Shakti @ Chicago Theater Wednesday, October 1 @ 8p Cost: $30

I know the price is pretty steep. But it is well worth it, in my opinion, for whatever that’s worth… Right, so find out for yourself, and GO!