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There's always next year....


So the cubs lost the 7th game of the pennant series last night. I’ll admit, I wasn’t at home glued to the television like a die-hard fan or anything. I was in the lab in class keeping up with the game play-by-play on (yes, I think I’m officially a geek, I’m watching sports on the web…). When I was at the train station heading back to the burbs, we were down 7-5. Then when I got home it was the top of the 9th and we were down 9-6. So I sat and watched the last inning, depressed that we weren’t going to make it to the series.

So now what? GO SOX! It’s the bottom of the 8th and they’re up by 3. HELL YEA. I just realized I stayed after work late to work on homework, when I should’ve been at home watching the game! Worthless… one of these days I’ll learn. I stayed late at work cause a group of people at work were supposed to get together in the conference room at 5p to watch Office Space with pizza and beer. Hell yea. But we had to postpone because we just found out today (after we got back from Binny’s with the booze) that there was a senator coming to the office today, and apparently they thought it would be a bad idea to have him see us boozing up. Whatever, how do they know he wouldn’t have wanted a cool one? Lol. So since that was cancelled, I just decided to stay here and do homework.

So the ‘homework’ I’ve been working on is the revisions I just made to the design of my site. It still needs some work. I tried implementing style sheets, and go figure, like everything else on the net for the past 8 years it works differently across browsers. That’s starting to get really old, really fast…

Aight dudes, I’m still at work and its like a quarter past 10p. I ain’t gotta go home, but I gotta get the hell up outta heeeeeeeere. (c) R.