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Mmmmm, yea...

Hey kids,

So last night after work, a bunch of coworkers and I hung out in our large conference room to watch Office Space on the projector with pizza and beer. Aw yea, that was fun. That’s a hysterical movie, especially considering that there are people at my work that match the personalities in that movie to a T.

Afterwards I came home and did a little more filming on my next video project. Our assignment is to make a music video. I’m almost done with the filming, and I’ve already filled up 90 minutes on a tape! Ooooffff… So I just have one more short session of recording that I’ll probably do tonight, and then I have to sit in the lab and do the editting this weekend. It’s going to take me some time to go through and edit, but it’s gonna look sweeeet….. Check out my first movie .

I have a midterm tonight for my video class that shouldn’t be too bad. And I desperately need a haircut and new contacts.

By the way, I renounce the World Series.