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And, we're back

I’m still trying to figure out what i’m going to be for a halloween. so far my ideas are:

  • cola, from the bacardi and cola commercials
  • a plant named robert (get it, robert plant…)
  • keith moon (i’ll just carry around drum sticks and smash everything i see)

Fine, so I might not have the best ideas in the world… but I’m working on it! We’ll see what I come up with tomorrow, and I’ll make sure i bring my camera to the party Friday night, so I can put my incriminating photos on my site…

So I’ve got the design looking pretty up to par on my site now. There was this gap right under my logo on the left-hand side that was KILLIN me for the longest time, but I think I got it now…

So anyway, I added more content up onto my site, too. Some of the info’s a little old though, so I have to add some of my more recent work on on my ART and WORK sections. It’s all coming, though, it’s all coming…

i want to rock (ROCK!). (c) Twisted Sister.