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lunar eclipse this weekend

Saturday night there will be a full lunar eclipse, which is pretty sweet. I’ll be at a friend’s place Saturday night, so maybe I’ll go check that out. It’s considered a ‘full’ lunar eclipse too, because the moon is passing through the earth’s inner shadow from from the sun, which is more significant than the moon passing through the earth’s outer shadow, because that’s not very noticeable by the naked eye.

I’m trying to think of an idea for my final video for my video class, and I’m having a hell of a time… I’m trying to think of a story about a character who goes through something huge where she doesn’t feel God is still with her, like her child died for what she feels is no reason, or something like that. Then she’ll go through a chain of events where through the interaction of another character, she realizes God is still with her. But it’s hard thinking of a believable story that isn’t corny as hell… Worthless. I want to figure it out by this weekend so I can start filming next weekend. We’ll see.

I’m starting to grow a full beard out now, awwww yea. My buddy’s taking a bhangra dance team from Michigan State, where he goes to law school, to a dance competition in Detroit in January, and I’m going to playing the dhol with them. the dhol is a big two sided drum that’s the predominant drum for the style of dance, bhangra. so that’ll be fun, and my beard will look SWEEET by then. right now, it just looks like i haven’t shaved in a while…