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Day 3

Where: Delhi, YMCA Local time: 11:00p Chicago time: 11:30a

Okay, today was interesting. I did my usual thing, got up, washed up, and headed to the Mandir. But today, the three other girls in my Karm Marg group wanted to go with me, just to check it out. So that was cool. We met downstairs of the Y at about 7:45a and headed out. It wasn’t as packed as it was yesterday, so that was refreshing. I got to do my thing in its entirety.

So we got back and had breakfast, I went up and got my bag, and we were off. This time on the way in I got a ton of pictures. I haven’t had a chance to download any of them, but I will soon, cause I have a ton of pictures now.

Today at ‘The Marg’ was cool. The first half of the day was totally BLAH though. Dev, the guy we spent the whole day with yesterday, wasn’t there at all. So Veena, the woman in charge, didn’t seem to know what to do with us. So we sat with the kids and helped them put these New Year’s Day cards they’re putting together, together. That was cool and all, cause we were totally chillin with the kids, singing Bollywood songs and everything, but we just didn’t feel we were contributing as much as we could have. We had lunch at 1a, and afterwards, things started rolling. One of the girls taught the kids how to hacky sack, so while they were doing that, the rest of us and the older kids were trying to figure out how to make a hacky sack out of the materials they had handy, which was burlap and daal beans, which works out perfectly. I also kind of taught one of the kids how to make a cube, and one of the other girls made this burlap bean bag thing and taught the kids a game she knew with in. So the afternoon was awesome. We really felt we connected with the kids a bit more, and after doing so, Veena was all about us. So that was cool.

We got back and we were POOPED as usual. Me and a few of the other girls in our group went out the sitar store my guruji recommended me to go to. I met the owner of the store, who’s the grandson of one of the five major sitar makers in India. That was pretty damn cool. We talked a bit about sitars and music, and I put money down on a new sitar. HELL YEA. It’s going to be damn sweet. I can’t even explain it, it’s beautiful. He’s totally making it, so it’s not going to be ready until soon before I leave, but I’m excited, it’s going to be awesome.

Afterwards we went to a restaurant in a posh little hotel down the road, and was cool. Me and two other girls each got a different Indian beer, and had a little ‘tasting.’ It was cool. I got a little blitzed, just a little, so it was cool. We got back, and I’m in the lab of the Y right now leaving this entry in, ready to CRASH.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m wondering if the kids will already have a ton of hacky sacks already made. That would be hysterical, but I could totally see it happening, cause they were so excited by the idea.