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Back to da diary-uh

Hey kids,

So I’m starting to get back in the swing of things, and getting my site up to date is all part of the ‘re-entry’ process. ‘Re-entry’ is a new word I learned while I was in India in regards to going off to a different country and readjusting upon return to your home country. See that, I learned some shit while I was out there… lol.

So my first week back I slept like a looooog, and I finally got back to a normal sleeping schedule. Not having class four nights a week anymore freakin RULES. My first full week back, I did NOTHING. That was awesome.

Last night I had my first of two study abroad class sessions for the winter quarter. That was cool seeing the group again post-India. We went to Red Lion on Lincoln afterwards, and it was weird being with the group and not paying in rupees, not getting 40 oz’s, and not being in an Indian bar blaring American music. But it was awesome catching up with everyone again. I’ve got such fond memories with everyone on the trip, and its a ‘trip’ revisiting those memories being back with the group. That’s awesome.

Today, I got big night planned of doing NOTHING. Hell yea. Tomorrow I’m going to look at condos, and Thursday me and a bunch of friends are doing a poker night. Hell yea, that’ll be fun. Then this weekend I’m going to Michigan to help Dhru make some props for fusion.

It’s on.