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This dude's funny

Check out this website:

He’s a buddy of a buddy at work. If you only check out one thing, check out his Monster Furniture. It’s badass end tables and chairs and stuff that he makes look like monsters. That’s cool as hell. I wanna take a furniture making class now. Seriously. That’s sweeet.

Past few days have been good. Still figuring stuff out with the condo. Streeeeeess, but its only beginning. Worthless. I heard from a girl I was in the bhangra with at fusion two years ago. That’s pretty cool. She found me through Friendster. Man, this internet thing’s pretty cool. I’m surprised it hasn’t really taken off yet.

Anyway, I’m going over to Sean Chai’s tonight to check out Tolgar spinning. I haven’t seen him spin in forever, so that’ll be sweeeeeeet. Apparently, he’s got this new routine where he strips and sings showtunes while he’s spinning. That should be cool. (I’m just kidding)