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I looked up what a bunch of my old comic books were worth today. Hell yea. That brought back a bunch of memories. I don’t even remember all the stuff I have. I remembered I had Spawn #1, Spiderman #1 when the start the new series in the early 90’s with Todd McFarlane, Wildcats #1, the issue where Superman came back to life, and I’m sure I’ve just got a ton more stuff. I remember in Yorktown Mall there used to be a stand that sold comic books, and that was where I first started getting hardcore into it. My sister used to work at Bermans in Yorktown, so I’d go to work with her sometimes and just walk around for the day. So I started getting comic books from the stand to pass my time by, and I just got more and more into collecting them. Then I started going to the local store by my house all the time to get the latest issues. Then my sister opened her own jewelery store in Chicago, and right down the block from her was a comic store called Halley’s Comics owned by this big Asian guy with long hair. So whenever I visited my sister I’d go there and get comic’s too. Ahh the memories….

I went to Seanchai’s last night and checked out Tolgars set. It was pretty tight. I haven’t been there in a little while, the place is pretty cool. its like a local pub with a bar, a pool table, a Galaga machine, a dart board, a small separate room for the dance floor. So just chillin with some friends, it was cool.

So me and the girl are going to this art opening thing tonight called Tactonic. It sounds interesting, apparently it feature objects of performance meant to be played by the viewer. I just got a random e-mail about it and it sounded interesting, so we’re going to check it out. The two people who put it together have done some pretty cool stuff in the past, it looks like. Check em out:

Huong Ngo Matthew Steinke

Afterwards we’re going to Liar’s club, cause Avani’s never been there. so that’ll be cool. Hells yea.

Tomorrow I’m just chillin with the girl, nothin too big. Then Sunday I’ve got a sitar lesson with my guruji who’s in town for the weekend. So that’s cool.

Got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson, got a dark-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson. (c) Jamie Foxx