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Liar's Club?

So I went to Liar’s Club on Friday night. What’s up with that place? The upstairs was really cool, there were maybe like 20 people there, they were playing METAL and stuff. But downstairs was totally not what I was expecting. When we walked in, they were playing ‘Gettin Jiggy With It.’

Okay, let me clarify my perceptions a little more. If you’ve never been to Liar’s Club, it’s a hole in the wall bar on the north side. They’ve got two big kiss tapestries above the front door, the place is all black, and the “dance floor” has strips of LED lights wrapped in plastic rolling in each direction. Last time—and honestly the only times—I’ve been to Liar’s Club was when they used to throw down Brockout once a month around 2001, a local Drum n Bass night they did for a few years. So granted Friday was probably the first time I’ve REALLY been to Liar’s Club, like on a normal night. But DAMN, I was expecting METAL, and they were getting jiggy when we walked in. It was like a Rush and Division bar, the music, the crowd. Totally not what I was expecting.

The upstairs was cool, that’s what I was talking about. It was really chill, they have four big magazine covers on the wall behind the bar with each member of Kiss’s face on em, they had a kiss pinball machine. And they were playing all METAL. Of course they played Kiss, and I think they even played a Ramones track. It was on. On our way out, we went back downstairs and they somewhat redeemed themselves. They played Mother by Danzig, and Dirty Deeds by AC/DC. so I gotta give them a little bit. But then they went right back into playing Rush and Division type shit. Ah well.

Don’t get me wrong though, I had a blast on Friday night. Just the bar was a little different than I expected. But I’d go back again. Hell yea.