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So I went to the hospital last night to visit a family friend who was having some heart pains last week. From what my parents knew about what was going on, it wasn’t really a big deal. He was just having some tests that would probably lead to some minor procedures. Once we were there, we found out it was a lot more serious than that, and he’s having triple-bypass surgery this morning. Worthless… the family is just the two parents and one son, who’s a few years younger than I am. and it was the first person the family to be in the hospital for anything serious, so the whole family was taking it pretty hard. I’m probably heading over to the hospital again tonight with the moms after the surgery’s done and everything. So hopefully everything went well. He had a ton of friends over at the hospital last night. I was thinking about that today. In a way that’s good, cause it’s always comforting to have the support of your friends when you’re going through something like that. But at the same time, I’m sure if you want to just be alone and chill, it could get hard with like 20 people in your room all constantly talking about how you’re doing… Uncle looked like he was doing good though, so I’m hoping for the best.