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So I went to this writing workshop last night. It was run by a woman who was all about ‘collaborative writing.’ She was all about the process of working with other people in non-writing mediums to foster creativity, as opposed to sitting down with a pad and a pen. It was pretty cool, and kind of right up my alley. For the group I was working with, we first watched a series of commercials without any sound, then made a piece using only sounds to express what we saw. Then we heard a series of commercials without watching them, and made a physical piece using movement and no sound at all to express what we saw. That was pretty funny. We had one guy sit in a chair staring at a blue screen on a tv, then each of the three of us that were remaining ran around the room and grabbed random stuff, ran up to him ‘selling’ him the shit, threw it on him, then went to grab something else. so by the end he was covered in jackets, bags, tableclothes, subway sandwiches, fire extinguishers, garbage cans, fans, lol, just every random thing in the room we grabbed and threw it on him. It was funny.