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Tomorrow @ U of C

Hey Kids,

So tomorrow’s the big day, it should be pretty cool. It’ll be the first time I perform with spoken word over the top of my music, and I’m excited. Sherita, this cool girl I went to India with, is doing two poems, one about Iraq, and another describing a situation between a man and a woman on the El. They’re both really strong, so I’m pumped. It’s on. I was going to try and record it to put it on my website, but the mp3 player we used to have at work isn’t here right now. So if I do wanna record it, I gotta figure something else out. Worthless.

I talked to my boy paras last night. He’s trapped in Ithaca, NY (I’m not hatin, for all you ithaca-residing peeps, I’m just saying…) he might be coming into town for Quatro de Paras, his birthday that is. That’ll be cool, I feel like I haven’t seen that kid in while.

So come out to U of C for my gig, it would be cool to see y’all out there.

| Sexual Violence Prevention Month Kick-off | April 1, 7:30-11p | University of Chicago | Ida Noyes 3rd Floor Theater | 1212 E 59th St. | | Spoken Word: Sherita Evans | Sitar: Nikhil Trivedi | Tabla: Maninder Singh ———————————————————————————