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It's on

So da gigs went well. Sunday was the closing night performance for the Asian American Film Showcase at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and that went really well. Like I was saying, I was playing sitar randomly throughout the show, underneath spoken word artists and whatnot. But the main piece I was in was me on sitar, this kid Jeff on sax (who’s freakin awesome), and this girl Sarwat singing and doing some TIGHT spoken word over a DOPE-ass mellow beat that this kid Chien made.

So it was like 15 minutes long. I know, but it really didn’t feel that long. We started with a soft drone and Jeff jamming over it for a little bit, then Sarwat came in with ‘Sarwat Rumi. Daughter of [somethin somethin] Rumi. Daughter of [somethin somethin]. Daughter of a mother who’s name i do not know. Daughter of a mother who’s name i do not know…’ and went in to some TIGHT lyrics with the beat kickin in the middle of her piece. Then the beat faded out and she ended with ’… This, as always, is prayer. This, as always, is prayer.’ Then I started playing for a little bit, then Jeff joined me, then Sarwat joined me as well. And the three of us jammed out for a bit, then Sarwat dropped out, then Jeff dropped out, then me and the beat finished the piece.

Ok, so that’s what the piece sounded like, but let me tell you dudes, it was ON. The music started and Jeff started jammin, and I layed my head down, closed my eyes, and meditated, prayed, and listened. It was on. The whole vibe of the song just felt really good. Then sarwat came it, and she was on. After the beat dropped out and she ended with ‘This, as always, is prayer,’ which was my que to start, i was like HELL YEA. I was so in the mode to play. It just felt great, and from what people tell me it sounded pretty good too. So I just felt great about that whole piece. I can’t wait to SEE it, like on video or whatnot, cause I had my eyes closed through half the thing. Worthless.