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Sup mom

It was a good weekend. Yesterday for mom’s day we took my mom to the Chicago Botanical Gardens. That was cool. I’m starting to see more and more everyday how my mom really is an artist in her own right. We were talking about the gardening she does in our back yard, and her approach and the satisfaction she gets from it is almost exactly the same as me with music. Funny how that works out, huh? Then afterwards, I cooked dinner for everyone—mung bean and potato shak and rice—and we watched Love Stinks. When I first saw that movie years ago, I thought it was pretty good. But actually, it kind of sucks. It has its funny moments though.

I went to the Cubs game on Friday with Pratik and Paras. That was awesome. Bleacher seats and we won 11-0. Hells yea. Friday was a long day, I cut out of work early for the game, afterwards had a beer with Paras at some bar, Mullen’s or something like that, then went home, ate, took a shower, and went to some Rush and Division bar for Jared’s girlfriend’s birthday, then went to some Lincoln Park bars to hook up with another friend. I know what you’re thinking, Rush and Division? Lincoln Park? Nikhil, what’s happened to you?! Totally not my scene, but I was chillin with friends, so it was all good.

I gotta start running this week.