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Whad up.

So I’ve been more sporadic on my diary-uh than usual. For those of you that came to my site more than once since my last post, I sincerely apologize. Those of you who didn’t even notice, I hope you die a lonely and miserable death (just kidding, i’m sure you’re really great).

So I went to a hip hop show at The Abbey last Wednesday. It was pretty cool. I only saw the last few songs of the first opening act, but they were pretty good. They were a live hip hop group, so props for doing it live. Hell yea. The second act was this guy named Diverse and a DJ. He wasn’t all that. And he kept saying ‘I’m from Chicago, man.’ The novelty got old after the 4th or 5th time he reminded me. And like I said, he wasn’t even all that. His beats were alright, and he was flowing, but that’s about it… I was at the boards at, and there was a whole thread comparing Diverse to Talib Kweli. What?? Hello?? I was like ‘people’ve even heard of this guy? And they’re trying to compare him to Kweli??!! Helllllll no.’ Kweli’s waaaaay tighter than this guy was. I’ve seen em both live, and Kweli’s tight as hell. Anyway, whatever. Then the main act, RJD2, came on. He was pretty freaking good. He was on 4 turntables, so he was mixing a few records together and scratching and stuff, and he had an MPC and he was playing out melodies and stuff on the sampler with images of fish on a screen projected behind him (?). It was tight. Good show.

So I ran two miles on Saturday and again on Monday. So I’m getting there. I was looking at pictures from this event from last year that I’m doing the 5k run for, and I think I’m taking it way more seriously than I should. The road is gonna be MOBBED with people, and Jared at work was saying for the first half mile, it’s so crowded I’m probably gonna end up walking, even if I try to run. Worthless…. So yea, I’ll be fine… Either way, I’m gonna try to run the full 3.5 half sometime before the race, hopefully this weekend.

I’m going to the Indy500 on Sunday with my cousins Crystal and Pratik Trivedi. That’ll be fun. Crystal, my little cousin (who would kill me if she heard me calling her ‘little’ cause she’s 17) is HUGE into Nascar, and racing in general, so it’ll be fun. Hell yea.