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Back in the saddle, again

So I’ve started to get back into the swing of things with my sitar practicing. I never got a chance to hook up with Rahul, we’re still trying to coordinate schedules and whatnot. But I started struggling through the notation guruji gave me and I started sort of remembering how the song went. So I’ve been practicing the hell out of the first few lines. My fingers are starting to callus up again. But I’m still getting used to playing more than an hour at a time, but that’s all mental, I can get my body to do anything as long as I don’t let myself get tired of it. I also made a few beats on my sampler to play along with. I want to start making a series of beats that I can eventualy turn into songs, too. That would be ‘tizzzzzzzight.’

I had my graduation ceremony for school sunday. After 8 loooooong years of working full-time and going to school part-time, I finally finished back in December, and had my ceremony Sunday morning. I didn’t even want to go, cause I’ve already given DePaul enough of my time and money, I didn’t need to waste a Sunday morning where i could have been sleeping in for a 8a ceremony to give them one last chance to convince me my money was worth it. (Am i bitter? A little…) But I went cause I’m the first kid to graduate in my family, and my moms pulled that card on me. It was fine. I went out to eat with my parent that evening and had a beer with my dad, that was better than the ceremony.

Get up, and get your grandma out of here. (c) Kiss