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More than meets the eye

Dude, this is SWEEEEEEEET. I wish i had no spine so I could rotate my legs around indefinitely. That, would be pimp.

So I saw 1000 vertical feet at Big Wig last night. They’re a live Drum n Bass group, and they ROCK. Good set, Tolgar and I recognized a Drum n Bass cover they did, couldn’t tell you the original producer or song name, but we could tell ya how the synth melody went. That was sweet. It was cool being in the old spot from back in the Seminar days. Wwednesday night, Drum n Bass, Big Wig. Ahhhh the memories…

When I’m weak, you tell me that I’m strong When I’m right, you tell me that I’m wrong But i know, now I understand Now I see, I see your wicked plan I’m a junglist © congo natty (i think…)

There’s a hip hop show at The Metro tomorrow evening, like at 6p, that’s damn early. It sounds like a few guys from the Molemen are gonna be there, a few people All Nat’s Family Tree crew, so that should cool. I might check that out. And the rest of the weekend there are like 500 parties going on, crazy.