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So my week of not spending cash has been both successful and unsuccessful. Monday I saw Chronicles of Riddick and Dodgeball with my cousin Pratik Trivedi, and he paid cause I was BROOOKE. Dodgeball was pretty damn funny, and Riddick was pretty cool. Nothing mindblowing though. Tuesday taught the bhangra class at the old town school, Wednesday I ran two miles with some buddies after work then went to my breakdancing class, and last night I worked late. So I haven’t been takin it out hardcore much this week. But on the unsuccessful side, my brakes on my car needed work and that’s running me 3c’s. Worthless.

I can’t wait to be in the city, dudes. One more month. It was supposed to be end of June, but it got pushed out til the end of July. With doing stuff in the city after 5p, I waste so much time waiting for shit when I could be eating, practicing my sitar, or SLEEPING, it just drains all the time out of my day. It currently takes me an hour to get from my desk to my front door in the burbs. As soon as I move, it’ll take me 20 minutes. DAMN, I can’t wait.

What i’m listening to right now:

Dilated Peoples, Neighborhood Watch. I just picked up the album last weekend. The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate it. I’m a little disappointed though. This is their third album. They’re first album was tight, and they second album still freakin rocks. Good beats, good rhymes. But there’s not too much of a difference from this latest album and their last. The beats are still tight, lyrically it could be better. But I wish I saw them try more shit, and change things up on me like they did from their first to their second. Either way, it still a good listen.

James Brown, 20 All-time Greatest Hits. I remember I used to put this CD on at home, plug in my bass, and rock out with every track. Lol, so I’ve been reminiscing as of late. Regardless, this album ROCKS.

Am I lame cause I like Slipknot’s new song?