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Italian Job SUCKED

So I kept this weekend on the low. Friday I went out with a friend to grab a bite to eat at PF Chang’s, this Asian restaurant in the burbs. She was planning this big night out Saturday night to Signature Room and Sound Bar, and man, that whole scene’s so played out. I CONSIDERED going to Sound Bar a few weeks ago, and just to make sure I called them before I left my house:

Dude: Thanks for calling Sound Bar. Me: Hey man, what’s the cover tonight? Dude: Do you have a Sound Bar card? (In my head: Do I give a shit about your place enough to have a card? No…) Me: Nope. Dude: Well, it’ll be a $20 cover, but with the card it would be a reduced cover of $10. Me: Cool. And do you have a dress code? (In my head: Of course you do, black pants, shiny shirt, dress shoes, and slicked back hair, so I can look like every other mutt in your damn club.) Dude: Well, what are you planning on wearing? Me: Well, I wasn’t gonna come dressed like a schlob or anything, you know a nice pair of those fancy bowlin-lookin shoes, a nice pair of a little baggy pants, and a nice fitted t-shirt. Dude: (Evil, demonic, laughter) Ha, ha, ha… no. We don’t accept gym shoes or baggy pants in our club. Just wear dress shoes, a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt, and you’ll be fine. (In my head: And I’ll be fine? Are you telling me what to wear and how I should dress? Oh my, let me jump at the chance to pay 20 bucks to come to your shitty-ass club, pay way to much for your water-downed liquor, listen to your shitty-ass music, AND deal with all the mutts your club brings in…) Me: Alright man, thanks.

So after I heard she was planning this big night with a ton of people going there? My first instinct was, ‘no, that’s quite alright.’ But I didn’t want to hold my taste in late-night entertainment against her… Cause shit, I know not everyone like’s my scene. So I took her out to eat so I could at least chill with her for a little bit and not totally blow her off. In a way, it was probably better. We got to sit down and have an actual conversation, which from the sounds of the night she had Saturday, probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise… Lol. Good times, good times.

Sunday I chilled with Maninder, his wife and a few of his buddies. That was cool. We got together for “brunch.” You know your friends are totally married when you get together for “brunch.” Lol. I chilled a bit with his buddy Ajit, who I’ve met before and I’ve been trying to hook up with whenever I go see my guruji in Ann Arbor, but he’s always out of town the weekend I try to go up. So I finally saw him Saturday. I brought my sitar over so he checked out my axe and we shot the shit a little about classical Indian music. So that was cool. A little more motivation to keep me on the ball. I’ve got so much to learn, and so much training I have to do to my hands and ear to be where I need to be. It’s a long road and this part sucks, but the view from the top of the mountain will be awesome. I know, I’ve seen pictures….

So I saw Italian Job Sunday. SHITTY-ASS MOVIE. If I wanted to see a 90 minute commercial for the BMW Mini, I would have… I don’t know what else I would have done, I need to think about that one. But my point is, the story of the movie was totally lame, the character’s were dry and totally not believable, and the action wasn’t even good enough to let me numb my mind and just watch. The only saving grace was a few of Seth Green’s moments. He’s funny. He needs to get a new agent so he stops acting in shitty-ass movies.

I can’t wait to see Spiderman 2. Even if the story sucks (which it WON’T), the action’ll be badass enough for me to let them get away with it…