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Unnecessary stress

Damn. So last Wednesday through this past Monday I was in mexico. HELLO. I went down there for a friend’s wedding, and it was AWESOME. It was hot as hell down there, but beautiful. I didn’t have a watch on all weekend, didn’t have a clock in my room. I just got up every morning when I felt like waking up. Chilled on the beach as long as I felt like chillin on the beach, with a tequila induced concoction in my hand, swam in the ocean, and just chilled all weekend. It was totally slowmotion. Then I come back to work and everyone’s back in the gotta-get-stuff-done mindset, and all I’m wondering is ‘where’s my freakin drink at?’ Worthless.

But the weekend was fun. I did some snorkeling, saw some cool fish and some coral. The first day we were there, my cousin Pratik Trivedi and a buddy from work went straight out to ocean, and right at the shoreline we look down and there’s a little ray swimming around, like make a foot long, just a few feet from us. That was awesome. After the ceremony it was dusk and we were walking along the beach back to where the reception was going to be, and we saw this crab running along the beach. It kept come towards us and were getting a little freaked out, but then Paul put hit foot up, like with his heel on the ground and his toes in the air, and the crab nudged his way under his foot and just sat there. Like it was coming towards us cause it wanted to hide. Lol, that was cute. I also tried to scuba dive, but the waves in the ocean were too hard the day we wanted to go. Worthless.

Now I gotta get back to wrapping stuff up here. It looks like I’m closing on my condo on friday. PIIIIMP. I’m just waiting for something to come up and push me back another month, though. It seems like that’s been my story for the past few. Worthless.

I need to go somewhere and spend some time with just me and my sitar for a while. The whole time I was in mexico, I was ITCHING to get my hands on a guitar, or something. I was considering going to a guitar shop and buying an acoustic, cause I don’t have one, and I’ve been wanting to get one for a while, and it seemed like a better time then ever… I saw a guitar shop while I was in cab heading back to the hotel, and I was thinking I could just come back to where we were and check it out, but I never did. I tried talking to some dudes in the mariachi band that was playing the wedding to see if they knew where i could go to get a guitar, or if they might have had one they were trying to get off their hands, but language was definitely an issue.

I feel like I’m wasting away right now just going through the motions, when I should be using my time to do what it is that I love to do. But there’s a lot that goes into that. What do i do with my job? What do i do with my condo? I’m a smart kid, and I’m sure I could figure it out. I just gotta spend some thought and time on figuring it out before I end up feeling like it’s more later than I already feel like it is for me. Worthless. This no-gigging thing isn’t making it any easier for me, either. I know its what I need to do, and it’s what’s best for me to do. It’s just frustrating playing the same shit everyday watching myself get better at the speed of a snail. I wish I could see my guruji more often so I could accelerate my learning. I am getting better in the areas I know I need to be, it’s just, I wanna rock out NOW. There’s that Luke Skywalker in me coming out again, I know…

Anyway, I digress. If you’re still reading this, thanks. If you’re not, stop googling the Olson twins and get back to my website. You should be ashamed of yourself.

What I’m reading right now:

Last Night a Dj Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey: I needed some reading for the plane to Mexico, so I picked this up along with a few other fine pieces of literature. I’m about a quarter of the way through, and it’s really interesting. It starts by making correlations with native cultures and DJ culture, and gets into the advent of radio and how it effected the live musician. It’s amazing how similar fears and reactions were to radio and to digital music today. Like, it’s almost exactly the same, and the outcome of radio was that musicians finally started using the medium to promote themselves instead of fearing it would take away their jobs as performers. It’s now getting into how rock started as a form of rhythm and blues and how it separated to its own more independent form, and it’s talking about some of the first DJs and club nights in NY, London, France, and what the culture and the people were like. Who the first DJ was two actually mix two records instead of playing one after another. The first DJ to mess with the sound space to pan sounds from left to right. The first people to starting using weird lighting effects with their music, and what some of them were. Like the dude that used to do lights at the grateful dead’s first gigs used to write stuff on colored gels, project them onto a wall, and pour water on the gel to wash the words away. How pimp is that? So I’m totally diggin the book, it’s really freakin cool.