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Lots of music

I’ve been checking out a lot of music lately. Friday night I ended up checking out Amp Fiddler at the Hot House, and man, what a great show. I’ve never really been into like, seeing r&b or soul or whatever you would call it live, but man, shit was HOT. The music was great, the crowd was cool, good vibes. Amp was singing and playin keys—on these two sweet sounding Nords—he had two backup singers, a drummer, a bassist, and another keyboardist. It was tight. I even bought a CD. And seriously, that’s saying a lot for me. Usually if I buy a CD at a show, it’s because I’m already into the artist before I check them out, and I have every intention of buying a CD before I even walk into the place. But for me to check out a random show of some dude I’ve never heard of before, AND buy a CD that same night? That’s a very telling of how much I was diggin the chunes. Saturday I checked out Archer Prewitt at Shubas. He was really good, he was playing guitar and doing some really cool, intricate guitar work and singing, and he had a bassist, a drummer, and a keyboardist that pulled out a trumpet every now and then. I was having a hard time thinking about how I would describe him, and my buddy described him as ‘Indy rock.’ I’ve never really been into ‘Indy rock,’ so if you know what that means, please let me know. Last night, we saw Ming + FS at the Empty Bottle. That was a good show too, they were spinnin, then pickin up a guitar and bass and jammin out old rock songs over hip hop beats. That was sweeeeeeet. So yea, lots of musaaac.

Do I only talk about music that i like, as opposed to raggin on shit that sucks? I think so. I was talking to some buddies about this Saturday, cause before we went to see Archer Prewitt, we went to the Fireside for that Asians in Rock thing, and this band Please Please Wait was playing there. And man, my one buddy best described them when he said they should have named themselves ‘Please Please STOP.’ They were HORRIBLE. It was a dude singing and playing guitar, and another dude on keys, and they were playing over some beats. The beats weren’t all too exciting, the singer wasn’t anything to writing home about, and the music overall was just so… blah. It was bland and boring, the same old beats on every Kiss FM song, he must have been playing presets on his keyboard. And dude, the keyboardists didn’t even need to be there. He wasn’t doing anything. They already had enough of they sound prerecorded on the tracks they were playing over, they could have thrown the keyboardist on the track and the guitarst totally could’ve done it solo. They probably consciously left certain keyboard parts out of the track so the keyboardist had something to do on stage, and that’s even lamer. Your work will get recognized whether you’re on stage or not. That’s the beauty of technology and music. I wasn’t sure why I was still standing there watching them. So I stopped. But the issue came up with me when I was talking to my buddies about ragging on other bands. Cause when I see a band live, I’m not too keen on announcing the fact that they suck to the rest of the audience. Cause at least they’re out there doing their thing, and SOMEONE’s gotta like them. So more power to them. If I think it sucks, I’ll just shut my mouth and move on. But there’s nothing wrong with thinking a band sucks, and letting everyone you know they suck. That’s part of the game, no harm, no foul. So yea, DO NOT GO SEE Please Please Wait. They suck.