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I must have been an adorable kid

I was chillin with the moms while we were eating last night. She had made ladoos—specifically, graham-flour-sugar-balls-of-splendor. I was asking her how she made them so i could give I a shot sometime, and she got into all these stories about me when I was a kid. She was saying ladoos used to be my favorite sweets. She used to make them whenever we were having people over, and keep them in a dhaba (stainless steel tin) in a cabinet under our stove. One time, she walked in on me sitting on the kitchen floor with the dhaba open in front of me, and me just chowing through the sweets. She was surprised that I knew exactly where the ladoos were and that I just went ahead and helped myself. Lol, I was like 4 (NO this didn’t happen just last week).

My mom used to keep all-purpose flower and sugar in these two canisters in a floor level cabinet under the counter. One time when I was 3, she left me in the kitchen for a minute while she went to do something in the living room. After a bit, she started thinking I was unusually quit. She came back into the kitchen, and again i was sitting on the kitchen floor, with the flour canister and sugar canister open in front of me, and I was slowly moving all the flour from the flour canister into the sugar canister—handful by handful in my little three-year old hands with the rest of me COVERED in flour. Why did i want all the flour in the sugar canister? Who in the world knows what I was thinking at that time, I couldn’t tell ya… But I could just see myself doing that, and being really into it. Lol, that definitely sounds like me. My mom didn’t want to put all the sugar in the canister to waste, so she cleaned out what flour she could and used the rest of the sugar as it was. Consequently, my dad started REALLY liking the tea my mom made. Cause she was saying the little bit of flour that ended up in the sugar made the tea a little thicker. Now that’s funny.