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I forgot what the sidewalk looks like

Sometime in Junior High, I heard someone talking about how people who are down on themselves always look at the ground when they walk from place to place, and they pretty much let the world go right by them without noticing. And I remember thinking about that when I was walking down the hallway leading from the band room staring at the lines of floor tiles change from black, to white, to black, to white, to black. Every four tiles I think they changed color. Anyway, sometime around then I decided to consciously start looking up whenever I walked around, no matter what. I’ve been that way ever since, and especially when I started going to college. Cause when I’d be commuting to the city regularly there was so much to look at, so much detail in everyday life that I know all the commuters around me probably weren’t looking at, cause they were too busy trying not to make eye contact with the hobos, or making sure no one was getting too close to their Coach purses.

Anyway, since I’ve been on crutches after sprainging my ankle, all I’m doing is staring at the ground—cause I’m paranoid as hell that one of my crutches is going to land in an open sewer hole or something—and I’ve been thinking about that again lately. Sidewalk’s still just as boring as it was 15 years ago.

Why is it that people only twist their ankles when they’re drinking? I talked to my buddy paras who twisted his ankle a while back, and it turns out he twisted it chasing his buddy Ryan down the stairs when they had been drinking. Talked to my friend Tina, and she just sprained her ankle a few weeks ago in Toronto after a Sarah McLaughlin concert, she was walking down stairs, and jumped the last few, and boom, sprained her ankle, and of course, she was a little drunk at the time, too. Whats up with that? Is the ankle the body’s natural ‘anti-drug’ commercial? Bastard.