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Damn, go Red Sox

Since Sunday I’ve been watch the American League penant race games. It’s been addicting, dudes. The yankees were up 3 games to nothing, and the Red Sox after last night, just won the past three games to tie the series up. NUTS. Sunday and Monday’s games went into 12 and 14 innings, respectively. And last nights game finished in 9 innings, but was still pretty intense. Since the Cubs aren’t in the race this year, the only team that would make me care about the series is if the Red Sox got in. I don’t really give a shit about the Yankees, Astros, or Cards. Tonight’s game 7, so we’ll see.

I think over the past year or so, my patience for entertainment has gone up, like, a lot. It used to be that the only time I could watch baseball was if I was AT a game. I could never just sit in front of a tv and watch a game. But as of late, and especially this season, I have been. Is it because I’m getting old? Probably partially (since my cousin Pratik Trvedi has started calling me kaka cause I like whiskey), but I also think it’s due to the fact that I’ve been sitting for 40 minutes at a time listening to a single classical Indian song. That takes some patience, my friends. maybe that’s translating over to baseball… Somehow.