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Google gave me ADD

Seriously, I think over the past few years, I’ve slowly developed Attention Deficit Disorder. And it’s all Google’s fault. Google enables me to be distracted at any given moment I feel the urge to look something up, or have even the slightest inclination I know something, and I’m looking for some verification.Ggoogle allows me to completely stop what I’m doing, open up a new web browser, and search more than 8 billion pages. But in general, if I can’t get an answer for a question I ask Google within the first 20 search results, of 2-3 different searches, I don’t care anymore. Too much work.

That’s what makes Google a great search engine. I can type in [“i’ll tell you that i’m happy if you want me to” lyrics] and BOOM, the very first search result lets me know that the song that’s been in constant rotation in my head all week is Everything She Wants, by Wham!. Because of this IMMENSE POWER, I’ve come to expect fast and immediate answers in everything i do. If I’m out with a group of people and we’re deciding where to eat, if we’re being all indecisive and shit (as most groups of 5 or more who are all way too polite, just like me, usually are) I lose interest in where we eat, I just want to go SOMEWHERE.

And I don’t think I’m the only one that’s slowly become this way. The past decade or so has been an amazing time in terms of access to information. Things that would have taken weeks of phone calls with people who have no idea how to help you, can now be accomplished in minutes. Masses and masses of public and private data—public court records, credit card bill statements, retail store inventories—has now been made accessible to anyone authorized and interested. Is the trade-off to that luxury a massive decline in patience people have in acquiring information?

All I know is, I’ve become more lazy, and grown more impatient. Which, for as patient as I already am, doesn’t throw me anywhere near the league of an NFL coach, but less patient nonetheless.

Damn you Google. DAMN YOU.