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It begins...

I saw Oceans Twelve a week or so ago—horrible movie, avoid it at all costs, unless you think Brad Pitt is ‘hot’ or some lame shit like that. But the point is I saw a newer preview for Batman Begins before the movie. Towards the end of the preview, they had a bunch of shots flash really quick on the screen, but me having the keen eyes my ma gave me, noticed one shot that looked like it was filmed when they were doing the filming across the street from my office. Check it out.

The taller building lit up in the back? Across the street from my building. See the four spotlights pointing up in the lower left? Right above that, in the background, there’s a crooked line of lights on a building? That’s the building I work in. What’s that? It’s on? Ohhh yea, its on.

Last night was the first night I slept at the new place. It’s on. I still haven’t moved my bed in, so I was in a sleeping bag on my floor. Quite anti-climactic, I know. But it was still sweet. I don’t care what you say. Tonight I’m cooking chana, first time I cook at my house. Hells yes.