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A whole new year

It is the year 2005. The treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobot’s home planet of Cybertron.

When I was a kid watching the Transformers, 2005 seemed so far away. But now that it’s here, it either means I’m really old, or I need to organize a force with the Autobots to fight against the “maniacal” Decepticons. According to Family Guy, Optimus Prime is Jewish, so maybe I’ll hook up with him at the local synagogue and start makin plans.

I’m proly hittin up smart bar tonight. It seems to be becoming a total tradition for Paras and I. That’s where we’ve gone for the past two years. This year, make it a third. It’s on.

So yesterday a few of the news agencies (Fox being one of them, but we won’t mention any names) were reporting that India was “refusing aid” from other countries, saying that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said they have everything under control and they don’t need anyone’s help. That’s bullshit. He was basically saying they’ve received enough aid FOR NOW, and they’ll ask for more as its needed. They’re proly gettin flooded with support right now, with no good infrastructure to get the help out to the people who need it. So they need a little time before they actually start using supplies and whatnot that they’re currently getting by the boatload. Doesn’t mean they’re refusing other countries aid permanently, and India’s just gonna go at it themselves. Media spins everything into a freakin soap opera, man.

Anyway… Happy New Year.