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The real hip hop, is over here

I saw Krs-One in concert Friday night. HELL FREAKIN YEA what a great show. There were some other dudes there opening up for him, some were so-so, some were pretty good. Brand Nubian went on right before him, and damn, me and my buddy Adheesh were half falling asleep during their set. But then Krs came on, and shit was HYPE. He put on a great show. ‘Edutainment’ as he says, talking about the real essence of hip-hop, and being. He cleared half the stage and called out a bunch of b-boys and b-girls onto the stage to break it down during his set, that was tiiight. Tina was telling me they like totally upped the security during that show, like anyone who’s ever worked at the Metro for even a day was working security that night. But crazy dudes, Krs is all about peace and love and shit, not guns and violence. I got searched twice on my way in. That’s nuts.