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Gameboy music

Thre’s a lot of people making music on their Gameboys. It’s always interesting to see people who make music out of machines that weren’t initially meant for making music. It’s like an extension of hearing music in everyday things, like wind rustling through leaves, or a baby’s cry, only less organic. Some of the music just sounds like complete noise. But the few gems in the rough really do sound pretty cool.

I don’t know why, but today I’m EXHAUSTED. Worthless. Last night was local election night out in the burbs, so me and a friend went to the ‘campaign headquarters’ of a woman who was running for a local office in Niles township, so we could videotape everything for a Documentary we’re working on. That was interesting, cause I had never been to anything like that before, where they were waiting for poll numbers to come in and whatnot. There were so many points where I was like ‘ok, so what just happened.’ At one point, I guess they kinda realized that things weren’t looking too good for her campaign, but I had no idea. I needed someone to totally spell it out for me before I figured out what just happened. Worthless. It was cool though.

Afterwards, I went down to Orland Park to pick up a buddy who was crashing at my place last night, and when all was said and done, I didn’t get to bed til like 1a, only to wake up again at like 3a, and go back to sleep, just to get back up again at 7a. Hmmmm, maybe that’s why I’m exhausted? Interesting hypothesis.

Do people have any clue about the power of google? Take every overcomplicated web site you’ve used to get only small pieces of information, and most likely Google can give you the same stuff through their little search box. Weather? Stock quotes? Movie times? Complicated algorithms? A dictionary? Maps? A phone book? Flight information? Google can give you ALL that. Crazy.