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It took you to make me realize

I’m going to see the Nails tonight, should be a good show. But what would a good concert be without a good story, right? Lol, looks like i have one in the making… I went to the Note last night, this band Chicago Samba was performing, and I kinda learned how to samba…. Lol, I had a great time, though. I could have stayed there forever. But that’s beyond the point, which is: I opened a tab up there, and they were holding my credit card AND my drivers license. Bad idea, for one because they’re holding so much of my stuff, and for two, because I only had one beer the whole night, so no real point in keeping a tab open…. for one beer…. and for three, I LEFT THE BAR WITHOUT CLOSING OUT MY TAB. Woooooorthless… I didn’t realize that until, well, this morning, at which point it was a little late to go back. But that brings an interesting problem for me, cause the Nails tickets are being held at will call, and I need my ID AND my credit card to claim them. Ooooooooooffffff…

So me and my buddy Jared at work who’s going to the concert with me went up there on our lunch break, hoping SOMEONE would be there, and of course no one was… So I’ve been calling them like mad to try and get a hold of someone there. I’m proly gonna end up speeding on up there after work, picking up my cards (hopefully right away without any hitches. Wishful thinking, you say? Come on, give me SOMETHING!) then book it on up to the Congress to get in line to pick up my tickets by 6:30p, just to get in what will proly be a big ass line to get in by 7:30p. Yea dudes, that kinda sucks…. But hey, at least I’ll have some excitement to go along with the concert. Lol.

Tomorrow morning I’m having some friends over to share knowledge about Indian classical music. That should be pretty cool, I’d like to get people together once a month, just to keep ideas flowing, and music playing. Tomorrows our first session, so that should be pretty cool. Then Sunday’s ma’s day, so I’ll be chillin with the fam.

Iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s on.