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History of Indian classical music

This in-dept history of Indian classical music has been providing my latest distraction at work. If you’re interested at all in the development of classical music starting from about 3000 years ago, that sites a helluva start.

The other day I came in to work, and there was a flyer on my desk. A nice looking print on a brand new, fresh sheet of paper. There was a copy of this flyer on every desk in my office, and after looking at its contents closer, I realized there was proly a copy of it on every desk in my whole building, since it was distributed by my building’s management. What was the flyer about? Recycling. Probably about 6000 brand new sheets of paper wasted to promote recycling. Does anyone else see anything backwards about that? Wouldn’t e-mail, or one poster per floor, have been more effective considering the point of the message? Or hell, be wasteful, but at least be wasteful on post-consumer product and use already recycled paper or something. It’s amazing how sometimes people with the best intentions could be totally absent-minded about some things.