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Google Maps hacks

I hope to God that you’ve used Google Maps already. I’ve mentioned Google Maps on this thing before, and every time I use it, another tear falls from my eye. You can zoom in, zoom out, click and drag the map over, and do all this same stuff with a vector drawing of the map you’re looking at, or a SATELITTE PHOTO of the map you’re looking at. I’m about to cry just thinking about it.

Anyway… There have been a series of sites piggybacking on Google’s map technology to supplement their own information. Check out Look up your street, and see what crimes have occurred in your area. I found out some dude on my sidewalk got busted for possession of crack. Hell yea! Lol. Or you can get more specific and find sex offenders [link no longer available] in your area. Also check out this gas price search [link no longer available]. Or check out traffic conditions in london [link no longer available].

Google has allowed others to use their technology, and really didn’t have to. For this, I thank Google.