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I had a greeeeat freakin weekend. I spent like the whole weekend with this amazing girl that I’ve been hanging out with the past few weeks, eating, chilling, dancing. It was awesome. But she’s moving away somewhat permanently this week, unless I can convince her that Chicago is more important than education and family. But the odds of that are pretty slim. Worthless…

Passwords have always been a funny issue for me. In some case, passwords I use for sites and stuff are simple, but in other cases, I try to make them more complex so they’re harder for people to figure out, but I’ve never leaned one way or another. I do know, though, that some of my friends and family tend to use passwords that are simple dictionary words, and nowadays that’s become more and more of a big deal as its quickly become easier and easier for a 12 year old punk to figure out what your e-mail password is. Here’s a good little read on what makes a strong password, and good ways to make strong passwords that are still easy to remember.