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Google SMS

Okay, this ROCKS. You can use Google’s search functionality by sending Google a text message from your cell phone, and they’ll text you back search results. HELL YEA. You can look up businesses by zip code, get driving directions, movie show times, dictionary definitions, and just do regular old quick-question type searches, and Google will try to get you back an answer. How awesome is that? I don’t have to dial 411 anymore, EVER AGAIN, plus, once I get the phone number, I’ll have it as a text message so I can save it for later reference. I usually try to record my 411 calls on my cell phone, then listen to them back later and save the phone number, so I don’t have to waste multiple 411 calls on the same number. Not anymore. Google rocks.

I checked out Team Sleep at the Metro last night, and it was an awesome show. It’s this band the lead singer of the Def Tones has been working for like 5 years, they’re like mellow, electro-rock type stuff. And it’s crazy, their drummer is insane. He’s like if you warped Keith Moon from The Who to today, and he was really into Squarepusher. The drums are just all over the place, layered with this big, mellow distorted rock sound. It’s really cool stuff, and seeing that drummer live, damn. I was telling my buddy, the approach to the music they were making kinda reminded me of aspects of Indian classical music, where you have the rhythmic portion of the music almost soloing underneath the melody, but they still work together, and come together, and sounds awesome when it does. I was a fan of them before I saw the show last night, but I’m even moreso now. Hell yea. During one song, he busted into this rap, and I guess it was the rap from revenge of the nerds 2? I didn’t remember the movie well enough to recognize it, but my buddy was saying it was, to the t. So I guess that’s kinda funny. Word.