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Where'd tibet go?

I was looking for a map of New Delhi, so of course I consulted my latest buddy Google. But alas, they have satellite maps of every spot in the world, but they don’t have road maps of any major cities in India, or any other part of Asia yet. But while I was looking, I noticed that Google doesn’t show a designation for the country of Tibet. What’s up with that? In relation to Nepal, this is where Tibet lies. I wonder why Google doesn’t have it denoted. Any ideas?

What I’m listening to right now:

Pearl Jam, Ten—Ahhhh, reminiscing from my high school days, when I had hair down to my lower back, and the only thing that mattered was chillin with friends at Denny’s til 2 in the morning, or sitting on my friends’ driveways and hanging out on summer nights. Ahhh, if life were only that simple again. Worthless.