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I was talking to someone about where the tradition of yelling ‘freebird!’ at a lame concert started. I myself had no clue, but thanks to Google, here’s a Wall Street Journal article explaining what they found. From the article:

“How did this strange ritual begin? ‘Freebird’ is hardly obscure—it’s a radio staple consistently voted one of rock’s greatest songs. One version—and an important piece of the explanation—anchors Skynyrd’s 1976 live album “One More From the Road.” On the record, singer Ronnie Van Zant, who was killed along with two other bandmates in a 1977 plane crash, asks the crowd, “What song is it you want to hear?” That unleashes a deafening call for “Freebird,” and Skynyrd obliges with a 14-minute rendition.”

They go on to talk about other theories of where it began by musicians and music critics, and how some bands respond to the call. Whereever it started, I know this: if I’m at a concert, and the music sucks, I’ll probably end up yelling either “you suck!” or “freebird!”

“And so”, I’ve raised over $200 for Apna Ghar for the 5k I’m running Saturday morning! CRAZY!! My initial goal was $100, and I seriously thought that was GENEROUS! I couldn’t have expected so many people would donate and support, thanks to everyone who has, and thanks to everyone’s who’s kept me in their thoughts. Both are equally appreciated.