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It's quiet on the northside...

Congrats to the White Sox for SWEEPING the World Series. HELLO. Who the hell knew? Plus the symbolism of a minority coached, racially diverse team sweeping the series in TEXAS, at a game where George Bush Sr. and his wife were sitting behind home plate… stickin it to the man.

“Arguably just as obvious and important, the Sox are no longer lily-white, which was due to the institutional racism and segregation that dominated baseball and American society. The team is truly diverse: racially, ethnically and nationally. The team’s current roster includes white, African-American, Asian and Latino ballplayers: Cubans, Venezuelans and Dominicans. Thanks to the civil rights movement and globalization, perhaps baseball has finally become the meritocracy it has long claimed to be.”

I watched game four the other night with my one and only die-hard-sox-fan buddy out in the burbs, and the bar went CRAZY after they won. I took the el home and walking down my street to get to my place: stark silence. Northside was quiet that night… but then today on my lunch break, I went to check out the parade, again, hoping to hook up with my one die-hard-sox-fan buddy, and it was MOBBED. Soooo many people, soooo much niose, soooo much CONFETTI. It was insane. But it was good seeing the city supporting its teams so fervently. It’s on.