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Shubh Diwali

Today is the last day of the Indian lunar calendar, a time of the year that’s celebrated over five days. shubh diwali!

So this past weekend was the last weekend of The Masrayana. I’m both happy and sad that the play’s over. I’m happy because it was soooo exhausting! I had no idea… Four days a week for seven weeks I was tied up with the show, I couldn’t go up to Madison to see my sister, I couldn’t go to Connecticut to see my beloved, and most of my weekends in general were SHOT. So it’ll be nice to have my Sunday’s free again, to sit at home all day and practice and read. But it was sad because it was such a great experience that was ending. I’m so proud of that play. It was a great story, not only for the fact that it was an Indian story that WASN’T about arranged marraige… But it was a true, meaningful story that spoke about oppression, fighting against it and SUCCEEDING. Told and expressed by a cast of such talented, beautiful people. We all got to know each other pretty well, and I was always looking forward to seeing everyone every day we had a show. I’m gonna miss joking with everyone back stage, and sharing my life with people who understand my shit more than others. I love all those rat bastards. :P