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Holy crap

It just hit me… I’m leaving for India TOMORROW. Last night I chilled with Tolgar and Tina, Tolgar and I watched a few episodes of Coupling that he had on DVD, this hysterical BBC Friends-like sitcom. Then the three of us grabbed a bit to eat at the Taqueria on my corner. Tonight I’m chillin with the parents, then tomorrow, I’m gonna be sitting on a jet plane headed to the motherland. I still have to pack. I still have to call Khansahib to make sure I’m all set for my arrival in Delhi. I still have to finalize plans to meet up my uncle in Gujurat next weekend. I still have to shave. I feel like I have so much crap I still need to do. At least I found my passport last week. Lol, that would have been a PAIN if I couldn’t find it….

So that’s about it, things at work are pretty much wrapped up, so hopefully the world won’t end here while I’m out of the country. Not that I’m so important that it would… Well, ok. I guess i am. :P

I’m so PUMPED. This is CRAZY. I’m leaving TOMORROW. DAMN!!!