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Back home

I’m totally back home now. It’s nice, and a little weird. I wake up feeling like I should still be in India, then readjusting to the fact that I’m at home. Last night I went to my parents house to see them again, cause I haven’t seen them in a MONTH. I showed them pictures of Sujnipur and the rest of my trip. It was nice being home again. But then today, I got sucked back into family drama that I didn’t miss AT ALL. Worthless.

I put half the pictures I have up on my site, pics from around Delhi, and my trip to Gujurat. Check them out, and try to withhold feeling of exoticising my motherland while you’re browsing. This isn’t some exotic part of the world that nomads live in who are centuries behind our own time–this is my dad’s home town. They’ve got SUV’s and cell phones like the rest of us. Their day-to-day lives just look a little different.

I bought SO MANY CDS when I was up there. I have enough to last me another two years probably… I’m the type of person that’ll usually pick one CD and listen to it for a few weeks. So the nice hefty stack I got should last me some time. The past few days, though, I’ve just been skimming through a couple of my CDs, mostly the vocal stuff I picked up. Some more recent stuff by Rashid Khan, and some old 78rpm records that were recently released on CD. Crazy.