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It's really over

So since I’ve gotten back from India, my life’s had a big flurry of changes. Readjusting after I’ve been gone for a month was a little crazy. Getting used to being able to take long showers again, seeing all my friends again that I missed like crazy, returning to work, returning to a regular routine–period, after doing what my heart guided my towards on a daily basis for a month. [on an aside, a few days after I got back, I had some of my close friends over again to reconnect, and they wanted to hear ALL ABOUT my trip, but I feel like we didn’t end up talking much about it, cause I myself didn’t even know where to start! After thinking more about that, if you’re wanting to know about how my trip was, it would really help me if you asked specific questions. Cause like I said, I really can never figure out how to even start talking about my trip…]

Anyway… shortly after I got back, I put my two weeks notice in at work–an organization I’ve been at for FIVE YEARS–cause I’m starting a job next week at The Art Institute of Chicago. CRAZY, I know. But today at work they had a little going away party for me. They ordered BW-3s (chicken wings, I know… but that wasn’t the point. Read on) and invited everyone to the large conference room to hang out and say goodbye. So I’ve just walked out of that now as I write this, and crazy, I’m really leaving. I’m SUPER EXCITED, don’t get me wrong, but I’m gonna miss this place. I mean, freaking a–, I’ve been here for FIVE YEARS. For a tech person, that’s an eternity. This place took me through finishing up my degree, what–in my current old-man state–I refer to now as my ‘party years’, a ton of crap that’s gone down with my family, me growing to be more connected to my family history and my culture, me growing to be more comfortable with who I am, in my own skin. I’ve learned a ton here, and I’ve changed a lot. And after this week, this part of my life’s gonna be over. But only to start a new path for a what will hopefully be an even brighter future (I know, sounds like Hallmark crap, but I guess I’m like that…)

Sab teek hai.