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Gut instincts

Check out this article talking about how the subconscious is better at making complex decisions that our conscious mind. So when I’m getting sold a piece of crap car, and my gut’s telling me “RUN! RUN AWAY!” then I should probably listen to it? When I’m getting a vibe about something–good or bad–I should trust it and follow it? I know I’ve always tried to do that, and I think I have been doing that to a point much more the past few years than I have ever before, but it ain’t always easy… to 1) know what your gut’s telling you, and 2) do what your gut says if it’s a tough decision. I turned down a gig recently that my gut told me NOT TO DO, but in many, many respects would have been a good gig for me. I took some time to ponder over it though, and in the end I still felt uneasy about it, thus, I turned it down. But at times, it wasn’t that easy…