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Street sexual harassment in India

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. check out this project in India where a group of people are organizing to speak out against many forms of sexual harassment on the streets. When I was in India two years ago, I was there with a group of 12 other black and white women, and every fort and monument we went to, it seemed our group was the main attraction… At one point, in front of the Red Fort in Old Delhi while we were waiting for our advisers to get admission tickets for us, a crowd of people gathered making a circle around our group, just staring. Definitely made people in our group super uncomfortable. It’s good to see people empowering themselves, and making it an issue people take about. Because things like that are definitely symptoms of much bigger problems regarding views of sexuality, and gender rights in India.

In other news, there’s a bill in congress prosing to cut military spending by $60 billion and put it towards public education and healthcare. That would be pretty SWEET, considering where we currently spend our money, but we’ll see if it gets passed…

I’m going to NYC this weekend. Look out.