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Credit card junk mail

This is messed up. This dude got one of those credit card applications in the mail a lot of us gets on a regular basis. Just like me, he usually tears them up and throws them away. But this time, he decided to tear it up, tape it back together, and fill it out to see if he’d still get the credit card in the mail. Guess what, sure enough, he GOT THE CREDIT CARD. Whhhhaaaaaaat…. The credit card company accepted a TORN UP credit card application. That’s some scary shit.

So I did some hunting. Rather than dealing with credit card applications, I’d rather not get them at all, so I don’t have to worry about them. Apparently, you can call 1.888.5OPTOUT to have your name removed from lists that major credit bureaus sell to marketers–so for example Capital One won’t be able to pay experian for your credit information to send you new offers based on your credit history. Here’s a website with some other things you can do to avoid getting credit card junk mail in the first place.