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Da weekend

I went to NYC this weekend. It was sweeeet, we hung out at one of my girlfriend’s friends apartments Friday night, watchin a toooooon of movies, and eating crepes that they made (daaamn, it was goooooood). I saw Hotel Rwanda (which was depressing as hell considering the bullshit that happened there has happened all over the world, and is still just remanifesting itself today in Iraq…), March of the Penguins (which was really good, too. And I thought it got cold in Chicago… Damn.), Saving Face (a cute film about an Asian queer couple, and their challenges with their families and communities, it was really good), and Zoolander (if I could shut out the fact that there was soooo much wrong with the movie, I’d say it was HYSTERICAL. It was funny, but huuuuuuuuuuuh….). My cous Pratik Trivedi would be proud of me for catching up with the last 5 years of the modern world. Lol.

We went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and checked out the Japanese Garden and the Cherry Blossoms, saw fish jumping out of water to catch food, it was all really pretty. Then Saturday night, we went into Jersey and checked out a house concert my teacher in India, Shujaat Khan, was putting on. It was raining ALL DAY Saturday, so it took us forever to get there. What should have only taken us an hour drive took us like THREE HOURS, two of which were just getting out of Manhattan. But once we got there, it was AWESOME. Seeing performers in house concerts is sooo much different than in a big venue. He played two long pieces in Raag Shyam Kalyan and Darbari, each followed by a lighter group of songs, first I think in Raag Kamaj, then in Bhairavi. He played til past midnight. It was awesome.

Now I’m home and back at work. Word.