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I’ve heard a bunch about over the past few years, so I decided to sign up and give it a shot. Basically, it’s an online “bookmarks” account. So you can import your current Firefox bookmarks (and proly IE, not sure), download a little patch to add a few icons to your browser, and use bookmarks in a way where you can access them from anywhere on the internet. You can even make some available to the public, so your friends can judge how cool you are based on what cool websites you have bookmarked, Friendster-style. But what’s cool is you can see who else bookmarked the same pages you have, and take a look at their bookmarks, too. Sweet. Plus, once you start using it, the interface is sweet. Lots of cool no-need-to-refresh AJAX type stuff.

If you check out my bookmarks, a bunch of them are boring-to-most-people tech related stuff, cause I usually only use bookmarks to keep track of stuff I’m searching for that I’ll have a hard time finding again. Other stuff, I just keep committed to memory and Google whenever I need it. But I started to try to bookmark other sites I visit, too. In case y’all are interested.

What I’m reading right now:

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger–This was written in like 1951, and it was an interesting read. It’s about a white boy from a well-off family–his father’s a lawyer doing pretty good for himself–living in Manhattan. The story starts with him getting kicked out of an expensive, private high school, and takes you through the few days between then and the time he goes home to face the reality of his situation. His character is really kind of depressing, he’s really lost, he thinks everyone around him is a bunch of ‘phonies,’ so he never really gets close to anyone, he’s got a lot of anger and hostility towards the world, that he just shuts himself out from ever getting close to anyone. Granted, there are characters in the book that he proly wouldn’t get along with anyway, no one can expect to be friends with EVERYONE they cross paths with. But person after person, relationship after relationship, he just pushes himself away from people cause he thinks he knows better, when ultimately he’s really just scared, alone, and really, really confused about the world.