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Stacyann Chin

I went to a show at the Hot House last night for a YWCA Sexual Assault Awareness Month event. And OH MY GOD, Stacyann Chin’s set was HOT. The way she lays it all out there, tells it like it is, and cuts through bullshit through her poetry, her voice, and her words is moving, inspiring, and unbelievable.

She did one piece called ‘Haiku for Bush’ that went something like ‘how can a man f**k up so much, and still get reelected.’ That was it. Lol. But she also did some really moving pieces about rape. One about an experience she had being in an abusing relationship with another woman for over two years, and another when she was almost getting gang-raped while she was in college in Jamaica after she just came out as a lesbian (apparently, its AGAINST THE LAW to be queer in Jamaica) (and she got away before anything happened, but it was still scary as hell).

Art with meaning, and with a purpose, can be really moving, and really meaningful, and an amazing way to support social and political movements. It’s on.