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Voices of Resistance

Check out pictures from my performance on Friday.

The first one is from a dance Sheena and I did. The music was a devotional song to Lord Ganesh put over a break beat, from the film Morning Raga. Sheena was dancing Bharatnatyam, and I was dancing my liquid stuff. The music was preceded and concluded by quotes about women in prison from a CD entitled ‘The We That Sets Us Free’ produced by Justice Now, and also included a quote from an interview I did with a South Asian woman who had recently been incarcerated. It went really, really well, and was really well received, so that was SWEEET!

These are from another piece I did that same night. I was playing sitar and sang a song I wrote about missing a loved one (in HINDI. CRAZY!), while Purvi told stories she wrote about survivors of the South Asian earthquake, the tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina. We also had photos of the people representing the stories she was reciting displaying during our piece. That went off pretty well, too. I had never sang in Hindi in public before, so I was a bit nervous… But once I got into it, I got into the groove. Purvi repeated the lyrics I was singing in English between sections of the piece so peeps could understand what I was saying.

So overall it was a HOT night at the HOT house. Lol, I had to… But I was really excited when both the pieces were over. I think it went really well, and I got a lot of positive feedback about the pieces afterwards from people my age as well as uncles and aunties, ESPECIALLY about the dance piece about prisons. People were really excited about that one!