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I went to a harassment training at work yesterday. I’m still amazed that people need formal training sessions to be reminded not to be a freaking jerk, but that’s not the point of this post. We watched a video as part of the training, that showed a series of workplace scenarios to show different examples of harassment and discrimination. Some of the workplaces were in an office, a warehouse, some were in a lunchroom of a department store, and one was in a hospital. Both the doctors were played by Asian men, one South Asian, the other East Asian. (insert rant on conforming to common stereotypes, promoting the model minority myth here). In the scenario, a lab technician (white woman) was sabatoging the South Asian doctor (the actor was South Asian, but they characterized the doctor as being from the ‘middle east’) cause she didn’t want him on their team, cause he had an Arabic-sounding name. Again, not my point. The point is, the South Asian guy who played the middle easter doctor, i KNOW! whad up Parvesh!!